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加入拍賣: 2011-04-06


Openplatform Technology Company Limited


本公司在1999年於香港成立,是資深無線網絡工程師及美國 LXE 無線系統供應商兼亞太區技術顧問,主力為香港及內地提供無線網系統集成及專業網絡軟件開發。客戶包括香港及內地的貨櫃碼頭營運商、電信營運商、香港國際機場、公立醫院等。

Company Introduction

Our company was established in Hong Kong in 1999. It is the wireless network service provider and the Asian technical consultant of United States LXE. It is mainly engaged in providing wireless network system integrations and professional network software developments. The clients include terminal operators in Hong Kong and Mainland, telecommunication operators, Hong Kong International Airport, public hospitals, etc.



  • 擁有大量及齊全的產品存貨
  • 擁有具豐富經驗的工程師,提供產品的諮詢服務
  • 產品零售價平均較海外便宜至少五成
  • 提供免費送貨服務 #
  • 提供退貨服務 %

# 每次購買少於50件貨品,須另繳付郵費。寄掛號須另繳付$13港元郵費
% 只限寄出或交收後七天內,退回交收前已損毁的貨品

Product sales

To cope with the customers’ needs, our company is selling variety kinds of electronic parts, including wireless connectors, converters, antennas and cables. Compared with other points of sale, our company has the following advantages.

  • Has complete and large quantity of product inventories
  • Has experienced engineers to provide product consultation services
  • Our product retail prices are 50% less than that in overseas in average
  • Provides free delivery service #
  • Provides product return service %

# If 50 products or less are purchased each time, the postage fee is needed. Extra HK$13 is needed to pay for the registered mail.
% Only applicable for returning destroyed products caused by our company and notified within 7 days after received.



  1. 透過電郵確認貨品型號、數量及金額。
  2. 在本公司的銀行賬戶,存入購買貨品的金額。(落實交易後會郵寄銀行賬戶資料給買家)
  3. 入數後,請連同入數紙及郵寄地址電郵給本公司。
  4. 確定金額後,本公司會寄出有關貨品到上述的地址。


  1. 透過電郵確認交收地點及時間,貨品型號、數量及金額。
  2. 交收時,金額是以現金支付。

By mail

  1. Confirm the purchased model number, quantity, charges and mail address through email
  2. Save the money into the our company bank account (The account information will be sent to the buyer through email once the trading is confirmed)
  3. Scan and email the bank receipt to our company
  4. After the charge amount is confirmed, our company mails the products to the stated address

By face-to-face collection

  1. Confirm the purchased model number, quantity, charges, collection time and venue through email
    The collection venue includes Lai Chi Kok MTR Station.
    The collection time is between 9:00AM and 6:00PM from Mondays to Friday, actual time is negotiable
  2. Only cash is accepted to pay for the purchased products.



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